About Me

I was born in Hampshire, England where I lived for the first five years of my life.  We then moved to Canada, Edmonton and stayed there for 3 years.  I was home educated there along with my brothers and sisters and continued to be when we moved back to England.  Canada was a great experience for me, going camping in the Rockies was especially fantastic, seeing all the wildlife, bears, elk and such like.  We moved back to England in 2001 but this time to settle a little higher up the country.
11 years later I am still living in a beautiful sandstone 1750 farmhouse on the borders of Scotland, Cumbria.
I first started sculpting in 2009, I began with an air drying clay which had a very limited capability.  Soon I discovered a clay that suited me, Super Sculpey Firm - a new door was opened and I was able to produce sculptures of a high quality and realism.
Today I make animals mainly in 1:22 scale for collector's dioramas and I also produce a limited number of copies from some of my figurines.
I have recently started sculpting people's pets.
Please visit this page *here* for more information